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Come and visit our store in charming Willunga (in the McLaren Vales area in S.A.) and shop for homewares, clothing, jewellery and other beautiful and desirable objects.

See some of the items here on our online store, we ship all around Australia.

Address: 30 High Street, Willunga SA

Phone: 0419 411 920

Email: cocoandraj@gmail.com

Winter Opening Hours: from May to end of October

OPEN Wed to Sat 10AM to 4PM

Closed SUN, MON and TUES

  • Block Print Fabrics

    The city of Jaipur is the most well known region in India for block printing. The village of Bagru, just outside Jaipur, is famous for two kind of prints: Dabru prints and woodblock prints. The patterns and motifs in traditional Bagru prints are mainly geometrical while the woodblock prints combine bird, animal and floral forms to create beautiful designs. 
    In the nearby village of Sanganer, also on the outskirts of Jaipur, the predominate printing method is the use of wooden stamps on an off-white or pure white background. You will find vibrant floral patterns and geometric designs printed on the fabrics and Sanganer is known for their intricate detailing. Some common flower prints used in Sanganer block printing are roses, lotuses, sunflowers, lilies, marigolds, rosettes and lotus buds.

    Edited from an article Difference between Bagru and Sanganer Prints by Arushi Gujral - in  Farida Gupta 2017 .

  • Handmade with Care

    We are all about handmade at Coco&Raj.

    Whether it be block printed fabrics, hand crafted lampshades made to your requirements or cushions created just for you here in SA.

    We cherish the slow and skilled work of Indian artisans working in wood, fabric, metal or creating unique handmade jewellery.

    We are in love with the vintage Indian Kantha quilts that have been lovingly hand stitched by village women. Part of the character and uniqueness is created by the individuality of the stitching - like a signature on each beautiful quilt.

    Our stock also includes handcrafted driftwood timber pieces, shell mirrors and boxes from Indonesia as well as fabrics and cushions from Africa and other exotic locations.

  • Custom Orders

    Coco & Raj shares the store space with Bev's Remnant House and, as such, we can offer a very extensive range of beautiful and unique designer upholstery and drapery fabrics to help you to fulfil your interior design dreams, for both your home or work.

    We have excellent local makers to create lampshades and cushions to your specific requirements.

    Drop in and have a chat with our knowledgeable and helpful staff.

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